Served 1000 of pork hocks per month

So popular it runs out so quick!

Good to see our Gold Coast branch still pumping!

Birthdays is best celebrate with our popular Ube Cake.

600 lb of rice per week.

Christmas is coming

Redhorse nitro now available!

Try our Ceviche - Kinilaw 

Once again we have achieved another 5 star 

Our Brisbane branch is now open!

Solo Meals Available on our Gold Coast branch

Better order in advance to avoid disappointment. We require for Gold Coast 2-3 days order in advance and 1 week advance for Brisbane 

Send cake to mum this mothers day

Add this Crispy Pork Head on your next order.

Available only at southport.

Depends on the availability of our drivers.

Our Holy Week Special binalot

Our sharing Halo-Halo is now available for take away 

Excited to announce that we are now opening our 2nd branch in Brisbane